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Drowsy Water Dude Ranch Retreat FAQ's

Transportation to and from the ranch:
You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the ranch.Since we have a large group going, we can carpool or caravan.
No horseback riding experience?
The ranch welcomes beginning horseback riders. They have horses for every experience level.
How will meals be served?
Meals are typically served family style in the dining hall.Vegetarian and vegan diets can be accommodated.
Is there hiking from the ranch?
There are some nice trails that you can hike around the ranch. We will have a longer guided hike during our stay.
Optional Activities NOT included:
There is white water rafting nearby and if you would like to partake it would be advisable to book it ahead of time. You can call the ranch at (800)845-2292 for suggestions on where to book.
Winter Park is a 40 minute drive from the ranch and offers mountain biking. 
Hot Sulphur Springs is a short drive and offers spa treatments and soaking in their hot sulphur pools. Information can be found here.
COVID-19 Information:
We are excited to be heading back to Colorado in September. We feel confident that this is a safe choice for a retreat and would love to have you join us.
Safety Details:
  • Drowsy Water Ranch is drivable from Kansas city. You can buddy up or drive solo. No flying unless you want to.
  • DRW has given us a 30 day cancellation policy. 
  • The staff at DWR follow Colorado hotel and motel protocols for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Our group will be the only group at the ranch
  • The staff at DWR lives on the ranch so there's little coming and going, lessening the likelihood of exposure.
  • We are outside the majority of the time so social distancing is easy.
  • Fresh mountain air, nature and animals are good for our health and soul!
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